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Formative Assessment -I 6th to 10th Class Question Papers 2016 AP and TS

FA-I Question Papers , Model Project Works I to X Class All Subjects AP and Telangana

Download Formative Assessment -I(FA-I) Question Papers, Model Project Works VI to X

Updated On 27/07/2016

Based on the Continuous Comprehensive Evaluation(CCE) method as per the latest assessment tools like Children Participation, Note books written items, Project Reports, Children written expression these question papers are prepared. Pattern of Awarding marks and Grades are briefed below. Teachers are requested to download the FA-I question papers as model question papers.

Formative Assessment -I Question Papers 2015 AP and TS, FA-I Question Papers  I to V class All Subjects AP and Telangana

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First Class Formative Assessment -I

Second Class Formative Assessment -I

Third Class Formative Assessment -I

Fourth Class Formative Assessment -I

Fifth Class Formative Assessment -I

Sixth Class Formative Assessment -I

VII Class Formative Assessment -I

VIII Class Formative Assessment -I

IX Class Formative Assessment -I

X Class Formative Assessment -I

Pattern of Awarding Marks to Formative Assessment

S No Assessment Tool I to V Classes Marks VI to X Marks
1 Children participation and Responses 10 5
2 Written items of children 10 5
3 Children Projects and Project reports 10 5
4 Children Written Expression 20 5
Total 50 20

Formative Assessment Grading

S No Percentage Grade
1 91-100 A+
2 71-90 A
3 51-70 B+
4 41-50 B
5 0-40 C

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