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AP Teachers Transfers 2015 Schedule | Confirmation 1st Oct & 2nd Oct

AP Teachers Transfers Modified Tentative Schedule, Teachers Transfers Latest Modified dates

AP Teachers Transfers Revised Schedule 2015 has been released by the Department of School Education. AP Teachers Transfers and Rationalization process will be started from 04/09/2015 and it will completed 01/10/2015. Last date for apply online for transfers is 18/09/2015. Confirmation of transfers application should be done by teachers/Headmaster on 1st Oct & 2nd Oct 2015. The date of Rationalization of Schools, Posts, Teachers, Display of Teachers Vacancies, Date of apply for transfers, Display of Vacancies List is as follows.

Sl. No. Activity Dates
1 Rationalization exercise by District Level Committee
1.  Rationalization of Adarsha Pradhamika Paatasala (Model Primary Schools) as per G.O.Ms.No.39 Education, Dated:07.08.2015 to G.O.Ms.No.51, Education, Dated: 07.08.2015.

2.  Rationalization of Primary Schools which where positively consolidated as per G.O.Ms.No.39 Education, Dated:07.08.2015 to G.O.Ms.No.51, Education, Dated: 07.08.2015 (where enrolment is less than 80) and all other primary schools as per G.O.Ms.No.55 Education (Ser.II) Department, Dated: 23.04.2011.

3.  Arriving at vacancies in Upper Primary Schools and High Schools as per G.O.Ms.No.55 Education (Ser.II) Department, Dated:23.04.2011 and G.O.Ms.No.61 Education (Ser.II) Department, Dated:16.05.2011

4.  The teachers who were given transfer orders in the year 2013 and who were not relieved for want of substitute, after Rationalization exercise and arriving at the need in the schools, if need is established in the opted / transfer place all such teachers may be relieved.

5.  Where the need is not established after rationalization exercise, all such transfer orders issued in the year 2013 and who were not relieved for want of substitute, such transfer orders may be cancelled to allow them for apply for online transfer in the present counseling. (as per Govt. Memo.No.13329/Ser.II/2012, Dated:16.06.2015).

2 Display of List of Vacancies Management wise, Category wise, subject Wise, Medium Wise in website in respect of Upper Primary Schools and High Schools and in respect of Primary Schools after completing rationalization process. 14.09.2015
3 Applying for transfer by HM / Teacher online and submission of print out application form to the concerned M.E.O. / Dy.E.O. 10.09.2015
4 Receiving print out of the application form by the D.E.O. after verification by M.E.O. / Dy.E.O. and preparation of seniority list. 14.09.2015
5 Display of provisional Seniority lists based  on performance points and entitlement points a website 20.09.2015
6 Submission of uploaded objections in the website and the proof if any to the District Educational Officer 21.09.2015
7 Redressal of Objections / replies posted on website by District Educational Officer. 29.09.2015
8 Conformation and willingness of application to participate in transfer counseling by H.M. / Teacher 01.10.2015 TO 02.10.2015
9 Display of final Seniority list with performance points and entitlement points in website 30.10.2015
10 Submission of online web option by the Headmaster/teacher 03.10.2015
11 Display of transfer orders the Web and issue of orders (hard copy) by the concerned authorities
(allotment should be generated for all categories of the posts to the applied candidates (District wise, category wise, Medium wise and subject wise basing on the web-options given by the individuals.

AP Teachers Transfer Related GOs

Download GO 63 AP Teachers Transfers 2015 Rules Click Here

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