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Latest AP Model Schools Rationalization Guidelines Proposals PS, UPS, HS

AP PS, UPS, HS Draft Rationalization Latest Guidelines 2015

TS Model School Admissions to 6th Class Notification  2015, 6th Class Model School Admissions Age limit and Examination Schedule, Question Paper Model, Telangana Model School Admissions to 6th Class Notification for the Academic Year 2015-16

AP Schools rationalization guidelines based on the recommendations of the working group of Rationalization of Schools. The working group has given suggestions of rationalization based on the Go No:41, Go 55 and Go 66. The complete Draft of AP Schools Rationalization guidelines as follows.

Model Primary Schools(PS) Basic Norms

  1. If any school exist in a Gram Panchayat, within 1 km radius and with less than 30 students enrolled, those schools should be consolidated , merged as one Model or Common Primary School(PS).
  2. Centrally located, accessible PS or UPS will be identified to be designed as Model / Common Primary School.
  3. There will no Multi Grade/ Class Teaching by one teacher in the Model/Common PS.

Proposed Establishment in Model Primary School

  1. Five Teachers for Five Classes up to 100 Students. However in Phase-I, One-Teacher-One Class Norm even if the Model/common Primary School doesn't have 100 Enrollment.
  2. One of the Five Teachers will be exclusively identified as English Teacher.
  3. Beyond 150 Students Enrollment, 5 SGTs + 1 PSHM will be provided
  4. Academic support to be provided for Model/Common Primary School

Basic Norm for Model Upper Primary School(UPS)

  1. Less then 35 students enrolled in Class VI & VII & Less than 55 students enrolled In Classes VI, VII & VIII will be considered as unviable.
  2. Such schools shall be considered for positive consolidation with another UP or High School within 3 kms to create a Model UP School in the same location.
  3. It will be a composite UP School with classes from I to VIII.
  4. Exception to this rs to continue the UP School with less than 35 enrollment where there is no other UP or High School within a radius of 3 kms.
  5. There will be no multigrade/class teaching by 1 Teacher in the Model Upper Primary School

Establishment for Model UP School

  1. Nine Teachers will be provided with 5 teachers for Primary Section and 4 Teachers for UP Section (Math/Science, English/Social, Telugu & Hindi), If there are at least 160 students
  2. For at least enrolled at least 20 per Class Including Primary Section. One of the Senior Teacher will act as Head master.
  3. More than 200 enrolment one additional School Assistant will be provided, Senior most SA Will act as Head Master

Basic Norms of High Schools

  • High Schools with less than 75 students enrolled in class VI to X will be consolidated into another High School which is located with in 3 kms.
  • It is proposed that RR-R of High Schools should be done on the basis of the aadhaar seeded child info. And not UDISE enrolled data.
  • Options of Teacher will be called for to ascertain their willingness to teach in English and they will be posted to EM success schools. Additional training to teach in English will be provided.

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