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CCE Marks, Grades Uploading User Manual @cce.apg.ov.in

Download CCE Marks, Grades Uploading User Manual @cce.apg.ov.in

1. Introduction

Department of school education portal www.cse.ap.gov.in was developed to bring all information related to education on a single platform. It was desired to monitor all data to make education an ennobling experience.

Various measures are being taken to enhance the performance of the students. One such measure is Continuous Comprehensive Evaluation. Hence it is desired to develop an application to capture performance of the students in four formative tests and three summative exams.

2. Objective

To monitor the performance of the students in all the formative and summative exams and take corrective measures wherever required.

3. Scope

The scope of this document is to explain the process flow for updating end user usage. There are two services to be updated. These are as follows:

  1. Student Second Language Mapping – Students have to be mapped to their second language and composite language.
  2. Academic Performance Monitoring – Marks of each student to be entered for each exam. Maximum marks for each exam need to be identified. The system will not allow you to enter marks greater than the maximum marks.
  3. Download CCE Marks, Grades Uploading User Manual @cce.apg.ov.in Click Here

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