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GO 57 Govt. of Andhra Pradesh Transfers GO No. 57 FINANCE (HR. I) DEPARTMENT

GO 57 Dt:18/05/2015 Govt. of Andhra Pradesh GO. No. 57 FINANCE (HR. I) DEPARTMENT

GO Ms No:57 Transfers GO 57 Dt:18/05/2015 Orders

1. The Government is committed to the welfare of its employees and seeks to promote work-life balance to enable the employees and their families lead happy and contented lives. In this direction, the Government’s policy is to ensure every employee is posted at a work place where she / he is most productive and contributes the best for improved governance and efficient public services. Overall, the Government is committed to right placement of the staff to improve efficiency and accountability in administration

2. Accordingly, the existing ban on transfer of employees imposed in G.O.Ms No 211 of Finance (DCM-II) Department dated November 15, 2014, is hereby relaxed for the period from May 18 to 31, 2015, to ensure right placement of employee to secure optimum productivity and commitment to furtherance of Government’s development objectives.

Guidelines for Placement

3. The transfers will be undertaken with adherence to the following instructions.

  • The transfer of employees will be undertaken between May 18 and May 31, 2015. There shall be no transfer prior to or after this period.
  • The transfer policy should be an effective tool in capacity building with the employees getting a variety of experience within the department, thus becoming more fit to hold higher responsibilities.
  • Any employee retiring on and before June 30, 2016 shall not be transferred. No person shall be transferred before completion of two years of service at a particular duty station as on May 01, 2015. Likewise, no person shall be retained beyond five years of service in any station. Service in all cadres at any duty station shall be counted while calculating the period of service at a particular duty station.

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