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APGLI Annual Account Slips 2015

APGLI Slips logo for all Govt. Employees in AP

APGLI Account Statements and Missing credits and Policy Status

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APGLI Slabs | APGLI History | Regional Offices | Tax Exemption

The acronym of APGLI is Andhra Pradesh Government Life Insurance Fund. which is a Scheme of Social Security Measure for welfare of the Government Employees and is very important for all Government and provincialised Local Body Employees. APGLI Department is under the Administrative Control of Finance Department,to find your Amount totals quote correct policy numbers in the Schedule to avoid missing credits. APGLI policies do not lapse and premium rates are low. The official site of APGLI is www.apgli.ap.gov.in

Income Tax Exemption (Section 80C)

APGLI premium is exempted from income tax under Section 80C. AP State Government Employee's can contribute maximum premium upto 20% of the basic pay, irrespective of slab rates.

APGLI Policy Holders Important Note

All the Policy Holders are hereby requested to submit the following information while submitting applications for sanction of Loan/Settlement of Claim cases for making payment online & sending SMS.

  1. Employee I.D Number.
  2. Mobile Number.
  3. Xerox copy of First page of Saving Bank Pass Book to be enclosed to the application duly containing the following.
    1. Showing Bank Account number.
    2. Bank branch name.
    3. IFSC Code.
Otherwise such aplications will be objected without processing in future

APGLI Slab Rates has been revised as per RPS 2010

Government has revised APGLI Slab Rates as per New Salaries in RPS 2010.
Existing Slabs Rates RPS 2005Revised Slab Rates RPS 2010
Pay Slabs Monthly Premium Pay Slabs Monthly Premium
Pay upto Rs. 4825 150-00 Pay from Rs. 6700 to Rs. 8440 250-00
Pay from Rs. 4826 to Rs. 6195 200-00 Pay from Rs. 8441 to Rs. 10900 350-00
Pay from Rs. 6196 to Rs. 7770 250-00 Pay from Rs. 10901 to Rs. 14860 450-00
Pay from Rs. 7771 to Rs.9775 350-00 Pay from Rs. 14861 to Rs. 18030 600-00
Pay from Rs. 9776 to Rs. 12640 450-00 Pay from Rs. 18031 to Rs. 25600 750-00
Pay from Rs. 12641 and above 600-00 Pay from Rs. 25601 and above 1000-00

APGLI History

The APGLI Department is one of the oldest departments in the State. The Scheme was originally started in 1907 by the Nizam of erstwhile State of Hyderabad for the welfare of his employees. A Management Committee used to run the scheme initially in the name of Family Pension Fund. Later the scheme was renamed as Hyderabad State Life Insurance Fund in the year 1913. After formation of Andhra Pradesh state in 1956, the scheme was changed as "Andhra Pradesh Government Life Insurance Fund". The first Managing Committee meeting after formation of Andhra Pradesh State consisting of 4 members, one Secretary and a President was held on 25-9-1957 and Sri B.Gopala Reddi, the then Honorable Finance Minister was President of the meeting. APGLI Scheme is a Social Security Measure for the welfare of the Government employees and is mandatory for all Government employees and provincialised Local Body employees. APGLI Department is under the Administrative Control of Finance Department.

APGLI Regional Offices

1. Till 1976, there was only one office at Hyderabad.
2. During 1976, the department was reorganized by opening four Regional Offices, one each at Hyderabad, Warangal, Vijayawada and Kurnool. The following were the Regional Offices' jurisdiction:

Districts under Hyderabad Regional Office:
Hyderabad , Ranga Reddy, Medak , Nalgonda, Nizamabad , Mahaboobnagar

Districts under Warangal Regional Office
Warangal , Khammam , Karimnagar , Adilabad

Districts under Vijayawada Regional Office
Srikakulam , Vizianagaram , Visakhapatnam , East Godavari , West Godavari , Krishna

Districts under Kurnool Regional Office
Guntur, Prakasam , Nellore (now Sri Potti Sriramulu Nellore District) , Kurnool , Kadapa , Anantapur , Chittoor .

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