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AP Teachers Transfers 2017 Entitlement Points, Common Points, Performance Indicators

Teachers Transfers Web counseling Entitlement Points to be awarded

AP Teachers Transfers 2017 Entitlement Points List

AP Teachers Transfers 2017 Performance Indicators, entitlement points, Justification of performance indicator, Teachers Transfers Web counseling entitlement points to be awarded has been preparing by the School Education of AP for the Teaches Transfers in Andhra Pradesh. Recently AP Chief Minister asserted Teachers Transfers would be based on the performance of the concerned teachers. In this regard official were prepared the following indicators. The performance indicators and entitlement points are as follows .

AP  Teachers Transfers 2017 Entitlement Points, Performance Indicators, Teachers Transfers  Web counseling Entitlement Points to be awarded
6 Entitlement Points – Common Points
  Entitlement of points shall be awarded to the Teachers service rendered in the present school, category as on 30th  April, 2017 in the following manner
(i) (a) No. of points for every year of service in category IV areas 4
  (b) No. of points for every year of service in Category III areas 2
(ii) The Villages / Towns shall be classified under following categories, viz,
  Category –III All Villages / Towns where 12% HRA is admissible
  Category-IV All Villages where 12% HRA is admissible, and which do not have connectivity through an all-weather road as per the norms of Panchayat Raj (Engineering) Department
  • In case of Villages / Towns which were in one category earlier and later changed to the other category (as per HRA / Road condition) in such cases the entitlement points may be calculated proportionately.
(iii) The District Collector & District Magistrate shall publish the list of Villages & Category in the district which do not have connectivity through an all-weather road as per the norms of Panchayat Raj (Engineering) Department with the assistance of Superintendent Engineer, P.R. of the district and the same shall be final.
Total Points 24
7 Special Points (Extra Points): Entitlement Points
(i) The President and General
Secretary of the recognized Teachers’ Unions at the State and District Levels.
(ii) Un-married female Teacher 4
(iii) Teacher whose spouse is working in State Government or Central Government or Public Sector undertaking or Local Body or Aided  Institution in the same District or Adjacent District opted for transfer nearer within the District or to Aadjacent Mandal / Division to the neighboring District towards the nearer place of working of his/her spouse, benefit of spouse points shall be applicable to one of the spouse once in 6 years only. An entry to this effect shall be recorded in this regard in SR of the teacher concerned under proper attestation.
A copy of certificate issued by the competent authority shall be enclosed to the check list to consider cases under this category
(iv) Teacher who is working as NCC Officer, and completed 6 years’ service in the school 3
(v) Teacher who is enthusiastic, having competencies and inclination to teach in English Medium and opted English Medium School / Section subject to eligibility 3
(vi) Teachers who are Physical Science teachers and who opt to teach Mathematics permanently in future and who have the requisite  qualification 3
(vii) Teacher willing to opt for working in Category IV area schools 2
(viii) Teachers enrolled in A.P. eKnowledge eXchange (A.P. Subject Forum) 1
8 Rationalization Points      
  The teachers who are affected by rationalization are eligible for extra points over and above already secured. The teachers who have completed 6 years’ service are not eligible. 2
Total Points 26
9 Performance Related Points
(i) School Related Performance      
(a) Increase in enrolment by 10- 20% during last 2 years

(Applicable    to    H.M     &                        all Teachers)

As per integrated Aadhar Based U-DISE enrolment Data as on 31.12.2016. Even if Aadhhar seeding is done/purified on subsequent dates. E.I.D. No. also valid. 2
(b) Average pupils attendance in the school for last 2 years wise (Applicable to H.M & all Teachers) Above 95%

Between 90% - 95%



(c) 100% Transition of children within their school or catchment area Govt. Schools 5th  to 6th  class
7th  to 8th  class 8th  to 9th  class
(Applicable to H.M & concerned Teachers)
  • HM


  • Counter certified by

Dy.EO/Mandal Educational Officer

(d) (a) Marks of A and A+ grade obtained by students in Class III, V & VIII in the Annual Assessment Survey for the year 2015 and for I to Class IX in a school in the Summative Assessment and Formative Assessment Exam conducted in during 2016 and School Level Assessment for Classes I to V
(Applicable to H.M & Concerned Teacher)
If 80% students in the class got A and A+ 3
If ≥70% to     <  80  students  got B+ and above 2
If ≥50% to 70% students in class got B & above 1
(e) School pass % performance in SSC Exam
(Applicable to H.M. & All teachers who handled 10th class)
  • HM certificate
  • Counter certified by Dy. EO

Cross verified with DG (Examinations)

95% to 100% pass percentage 3
90% to 94.99% pass percentage 2
(f) Pratibha awards secured by the student in the school (Applicable to H.M. & concerned teachers) 2
(g) Conduct of PTA Meetings (Applicable     to      H.M.&      all teachers) Authenticated attested minutes shall be the criteria  
>10 meetings @ 11 months 2
>6 to <10 meetings 1
(h) Play Ground / Utilization and conduct of games / sports functional

(Applicable to H.M / P.E.T)

Evidence on rendering accounts and submission of utilization certification for the sports kit & material purchased for Rs.5,000/- (allotted under SSA / RMSA) and conduct of events to be furnished by Inspector Officer concerned 2
(i) Maintenance of health cards and health checkup record (Applicable to H.M. and concerned Teacher) 2
(j) MDM taking students >95% 2
≥90% to <95% 1
(k) Initiative in raising of funds/ material/property/infrastructure for developing the school (last 2 years only)
  • HM


  • Counter certified by

Dy.EO/Mandal Educational Officer

  Worth of more than Rs.2 lakhs 2
  More than Rs. 1 lakhs and less than Rs.2 lakhs 1
(l) Participation    of    children   in - HM 1
  competitions at District/ State certificate  
  Level from the schools - Counter  
  a) Essay writing certified by  
  b) Elocution Dy.EO/I  
  c) Drawing    
  d) Quiz, etc.    
  (Applicable to the HM &    
  concerned Teacher)    
  (e) Science    
Total Points 25
10 Individual Related Performance Points  
(a) The teachers who were honored with the National Award from the Central Government (only once in the 6 year period) on the eve of Teachers’ Day Celebrations. 6
  The teachers who secured State award issued by the State Government (only once in the 6 year period) 3
(b) Teacher attendance in the School in the present cadre
  • HM certificate
  • Counter certified by Dy.EO / Mandal Educational Officer
  Above 95% of attendance for last 2 years 3
  Above 90% and below 95% attendance for last 2 years 2
  • Teacher attendance includes actual attendance in the school and Other Duty (O.D) under proper orders & certification during the two academic years i.e. 2015-16 & 2016-17.
(c) If the children of Govt. teacher are studying during the last 2 years in Govt./Aided schools (If both are working as teachers, one of the spouse will be entitled for these  points) Self- Certification Counter certified by Dy.EO/I on the basis of integrated Aadhar Based U-DISE Data 3
(d) Performance in SSC Results 100% pass in concerned subject. 5
  90% and above pass in concerned subject. 2
(e) Participation in sport & - HM certificate – Counter certified by  
  games : Dy.EO/ Concerned Inspecting Officer.  
  Points to be gives both for    
  (conducted by SAAP /  SGF   /    
  Govt.    recognized   accredited    
  National   5
  State   3
  Zonal / District   1
(f) If     teacher     is     residing    at Self- Certification Counter certified by 2
  working  habitation  for  last   2 Dy.EO / Mandal Educational Officer  
  years    (applicable   to    HM    /    
  Teacher working in category III    
  & IV schools only).    
(g) Conduct of science exhibition at school level with local contribution                                         inviting neighboring schools in the Mandal
a) Science Projects/Shows b)
Counter certified by Dy.EO/I 1
  Green Crops &    Environment
c) Arts
  • The criteria for determination of the above performance parameters shall be two preceding academic years.


  • For all the above indication it should be Certified by the HM & Counter signed by Inspecting Officer concerned
  • Applicable to the HM / concerned Teachers.
Total Points 25
11 In case of a Tie in Points Secured  
  In case the entitlement points two or more applicants are equal, the inter- se seniority shall be determined as below:  
(a) The seniority in the cadre shall be taken into account  
(b) Priority to the candidate basing on the date of birth (Senior) besides rule
(a) and (b).
(c) Applicants having disability of more than 40% but less than 70% (Ortho- handicap. / Visually challenged/ Hearing Impaired) shall take priority  
(d) Women  
12 Minus Points:  
(a) If disciplinary action is initiated for irregular attendance/ Unauthorized absence, not completing syllabus, indiscipline etc. by competent authority  
(i) Major penalty awarded (last two years) 5
(ii) Minor Penalty awarded (last two years) 3
(b) 10th  Class Pass Percentage is less than 50% in the subject handled by the teacher concerned 5
(c) For not submitting A.P.R. (Annual Property Returns) during his service 2
(d) For not submitting A.P.R. (Annual Property Returns) during last two years 1
(e) For poor performance results of students in Formative, Summative and Annual Assessment Survey conducted during the year 2015-16 & 2016-17 (0% to 25%) 5
(f) For poor performance results of students in Formative, Summative and Annual Assessment Survey conducted during the year 2015-16 & 2016-17 (26 % to 50%) 3
13 Preferential Categories  
  The following categories shall take precedence in the seniority list, in the order given below, irrespective of their entitlement points.  
(a) Physically handicapped i.e., those with not less than 70% orthopedically-handicapped / Visually challenged/Hearing Impaired.
(b) Widows
(c) Legally Separated Women
(d) Teacher who is suffering with the following diseases, in which he/she is undergoing treatment:
  • Cancer
  • Open Heart Surgery
  • Neuro Surgery
  • Bone TB
  • Kidney Transplantation /     Dialysis
  • Neuro – Surgery
(e) Applicants with dependents i.e., Mother, Father, children, Spouse who are mentally retarded and are undergoing treatment
(f) Children suffering with holes in the heart by birth and undergoing medical treatment available only at specified places to which they are seeking transfers
(g) Applicants with dependent children suffering from Juvenile Diabetes
Note:1 Where the preferential category is claimed on health grounds as per Rule 11 (d), (e), (f) and (g) a certificate from District Medical Board / Superintendent of Regional / State Level Institution / Hospital State Medical Board should be produced.  However candidates selected under PH quota and recorded in SR need not furnish any fresh certificate.
Note 2: The Headmaster Grade-II Gazetted should avail either the preferential category (Rule 8) or the special points Rule 7 (1 to 7) once in 5 years and an entry be made in SR.
The Teachers should avail either the preferential category (Rule 8) or the special points Rule 7 (1 to 7) once in 6 years and an entry be made in SR.
Note 3: The teachers who have availed the preferential category or spouse category in the earlier transfer counselling and now shifted under Rationalization without completion of  6 years of service shall be given the respective benefits / entitlement points along with the Rationalization points.
(h) Teachers shall exercise their option for their willingness to teach in English medium in the English Medium High Schools / English Medium Parallel High Schools. They shall  be treated as English Medium teachers and will be posted for teaching in English medium henceforth. The required training will be provided. Preference will be given to the teachers who exercise the option for posting in the said school. Transfer shall be issued to the extent of requirement in the Schools.

AP Transfer Related GOs

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